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If you win by deception, is it still a win???

Dan Clements, Your Christian/Constitutional Warrior Wednesday November 8, 2017

Episode 922:

Democrats took the governorship’s of both Virginia, and New Jersey. Progressives are crowing that this is the beginning of the end for president Trump, and what they call far right politics. Is this true?

On today’s show we are going to look at key planks of Phil Murphy and Ralph Northam. How do they stand up to actual facts, and more importantly do they protect the American citizens living in both states? How much will their initiatives cost or can they be implemented at all without doing great harm to Virginia and New Jersey.

Progressive believe they have one, but I fear they have let loose a tiger that is the far left, and it will turn and eat them if they are not careful. This is the problem when you look to government for all the answers to your problems. Government can never do enough for everyone, so those on the extreme sides of their movements will always try to destroy those they seem to support!!!

Daily Bible Reading: Acts 3:25-26  You are sons of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying to Abraham, ‘AND IN YOUR SEED ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH SHALL BE BLESSED.’ 26  To you first, God, having raised up His Servant Jesus, sent Him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from your iniquities.” 

Quotemeal: “So what to do? Two Things, it seems to me. At least two. Use up each day. Fill it overflowing with good. Deliberately enjoy it. Two, begin now. Mend a fractured friendship, mail an overdue letter, repair a broken heart, lay aside a griveance, act on a noble impulse. As we all know, “The night cometh”.” — Lanny Henninger

Short bible Lesson: Hold Fast the Form of Sound Words By G. E. Watkins

How much would Murphy’s Sanctuary State plan cost N.J. taxpayers? By Matt Rooney 11/2/2017

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Washington Suburb Elects Transgender Journalist to Virginia Legislature By Staff November 7, 2017

Northam Ushered Off Stage During Victory Speech As Immigration Activists Interrupt By Susan Jones November 8, 2017



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